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Are you finding that you don't have time to do the day to day back office tasks that a business owner has to do themselves?

Do you wish you had someone to either do these for you or at least help to organise you?

Below you will find just some of the tasks I can help with.  If you don't see the thing you need help with on the list below, get in touch to discuss your requirement.  

  • Diary management – schedule appointments, organise bring-forward items, add items to the to-do list, schedule reminders etc.
  • Email management - sort, and respond to emails.
  • Travel and accommodation research and booking - working to your requirements and budget.
  • Document creation and formatting.
  • Letter drafting or re-drafting.
  • Meeting preparation (agendas/papers).
  • Copy typing.
  • Audio typing
  • Reports typed/formatted and proofread.
  • Digital transcription of meetings - you record the meeting, send it to me and I type it us for you in the format you require.
  • Presentation preparation (MS PowerPoint) plus edits and final draft, embed images, videos, and animation.